Share Community Program is a vocational based learning program for young adults with special needs, aimed  at building skills in areas of communication, cooking, fitness,  job readiness, etc. Our goal is to empower each individual in order to gain confidence and self-efficacy, to work together as a team to provide motivation and to reach a higher level of success. We are geared to individuals aged 18+ but not limited.


What we offer

Our Services:

Day Program:
Runs Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

We also offer Individualized Programming which includes; Specialized Life Coaching, and Job Coaching which are ongoing, please contact for more information

We will be offering Summer Programs such as Job Coaching and Day Program, which will be starting in July.

These Summer programs are for
ages 16 and over
*skill levels and level of interest will be taken into account

what we're doing