Thank You Sue For Our Lovely Hairdo's!

     Share Community cannot thank one of our own lovely parents, Sue Donofrio for going above and beyond this week by giving our clients COVID-19 safe haircuts! 

     Sue has gone above and beyond by coming all the way to our program to give our clients (and staff) some lovely haircuts! She took time out of her busy schedule, stayed late into the evening, brought in her own supplies, and did it all...FOR FREE! Sue's heart and kindness are immeasurable. She insisted on doing it for nothing more than seeing the smile on the clients' faces. Sue knows first hand what it's like when haircuts can be overwhelming for clients and their families. One of her lovely sons, Angelo, is one of our clients here and is the young man who inspired her journey to become a stylist. She is so gentle, patient, and kind. Whether it's laying on the floor or working around a wheelchair, Sue makes sure that the client is comfortable and leaves feeling confident as she was more than happy to be helping out our fellow families. She is also willing to come back anytime and we cannot be more astounded by that! She provided her own tools which she sanitized and disinfected between clients, cleaned up the space she used, and kept it separate from the other clients in order to keep everyone safe. Not only did the clients leave feeling wonderful, but the staff was also able to partake in the generous haircuts offered by Sue.

    Speaking of staff, we'd like to thank the staff's joint effort in working with Sue to provide these haircuts for clients. Staff also stayed late into the evening to assist Sue with the haircuts and supported the clients through this experience. Whether it was providing distraction or comfort, staff helped ensure that clients were comfortable and not afraid. We cannot thank Sue and the staff enough for all their efforts. Everyone looked amazing and their smiles radiated throughout the program. Seeing them feel so beautiful and handsome made our nights like you wouldn't believe. We are so grateful to have such wonderful parents supporting the Share Community Program. It is through working together that we can foster true change and support for our clients. 

     Take a look at the pictures below for some before and afters! 

*Note: some masks are removed in pictures as the clients' original masks had some fallen hair in them. Masks were promptly replaced with new, clean disposable masks. All protocols were in place to ensure this was a safe experience* 


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